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About Us

Make your party even better!
At GOLD Software Solutions, we have created a fun and interactive feature that adds another element to any party or business function. It's as simple as 1 - 2 - 3, just enter the venue code, take an individual or group selfie and upload. See your selfie up on the big screen or screens. As a vendor account holder, you can add all collected images to a social media feed, view images and download the images for the host, guests, or both. Make your function more memorable with OURSMILE.UK!

Sign up today, for as little as £3.99. All your guests have to do is visit OURSMILE.UK, enter the venue code (just once), take as many selfies, photos or group photos as you wish and upload. Captured images are then displayed, in an animated slideshow, on any connected screen. Just by logging into to the OurSmile.uk website administration panel and connecting up to your big screen / TV. All you need is a screen or screens and a PC or MAC with web access. If you need any guidance we're here to help!

Example Package - For just £29.99 you will be provided with 10 venue codes to use over a period of 30 days. (See Services for more details)

OurSmile Connect

Share your experiences with OurSmile Connect

Invite family, friends, business colleagues or associates to share and upload their photos to your OurSmile slideshow and view the slideshow anywhere in the world, with an internet connection.

Imagine an occasion, e.g. Christmas morning, being able to share your snaps with your family and friends and being able to see and enjoy theirs, with no restriction on how many you invite or how many can view the slideshow. Don't wait until you get together next time, share your experiences as they happen. Sometimes families are apart for weeks or months, especially if they live abroad or far away.

Other technologies require you to be fully engaged. OurSmile offers something different, in that you can take your photos as they happen without disengaging from those around you. OurSmile then not only shows the images in a slideshow for all to view, but also stores them for all participants to access later.

Have fun with OurSmile!!