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About Oursmile

Oursmile is an original party feature created by GOLD Software Solutions Limited, UK. If you are looking for unique party ideas Oursmile provides a fun and interactive feature that engages with your guests. Oursmile is a live, themed, interactive photo slideshow system that allows all of your guest to participate. In addition, with Oursmile Connect, you can invite others to join in live with the fun from anywhere in the world.

How to use Oursmile

Oursmile can be used anywhere with an internet connection, a smart TV, or a screen with a connected computer. Party hosts will have access to all photographs uploaded by their guests as mementos of the occasion, plus you can connect with family, friends and colleagues around the globe, who can then participate in your event, with Oursmile Connect.

For Hosts:
Visit and click "Hosting a Party"
Register and buy an
"Event Code"
Display the slideshow on any screen
For Guests:
Visit and click
"Guest at a Party"
Enter the
"Event Code"
(displayed on screen)
Click "Upload Selfie or Group Photo"
Click "Crop and Confirm"

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Oursmile Connect

Share your event experiences live with remote guests

Invite family, friends, colleagues or associates to share and upload their photos to your Oursmile slideshow and view the slideshow live anywhere in the world, with an internet connection.

Imagine an occasion, e.g. a wedding abroad where not all of your friends and relatives can attend. With Ousmile connect you are able to share your snaps with them and see and enjoy theirs, with no restriction on how many you invite or how many can view the slideshow. Don't wait until you get together next time, share your experiences as they happen.

Oursmile not only shows the images in a slideshow for all to view, but also stores them for hosts to access later. Download them, print them, share them with your guests. It's up to you!

Once you've started your Oursmile event you can email invitations for your remote guests directly from the system. Just insert their name, choose a theme and send your invites.

Have fun with Oursmile!!

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