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Share your experience with OurSmile Connect

Invite family, friends, business colleagues or associates to share and upload their photos to your OurSmile slideshow and view the slideshow anywhere.

Imagine Christmas morning being able to share your snaps with your family and being able to see and enjoy theirs, with no restriction on how many you invite or how many can view the slideshow. Don't wait until you get together next time, share the experience as it happens. In some cases it could be weeks or months until you see your family or friends, especially if you have family who live abroad or far away.

As a business you could share across multiple sites. Share your Christmas party events anywhere and everywhere.

These are just 2 simple examples, the possibilites are endless and all participants will be able to download the photos later to keep.

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Have fun with OurSmile!!!



Written on 2019-08-18 10:04:39 by Garry Owen