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How to share live experiences with OurSmile Connect

Invite family, friends, business colleagues or associates to share and upload their photos to your OurSmile slideshow and view the slideshow anywhere in the world.

Imagine your wedding abroad. Many guests can't make it for various reasons. Perhaps they're too elderly, have ailments or just not able to get time off work. Using Ousmile connect you can invite anyone to participate in your live photo slideshow directly from the Oursmile Control Panel. That means all of your party guests get to upload their photos, together with as many remote guests as you wish, from literally anywhere. The best part is you, as the host, get to keep / print / download all of the photos that might otherwise have been missed.

Or perhaps you have a business party planned? As a business you can share across multiple sites. Share your Christmas party events anywhere and everywhere.

These are just 2 simple examples, the possibilites are endless and you can share all of the photos with your guests.


The only question is, what are you waiting for?


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Have fun with OurSmile!!!



Written on 2019-08-18 10:04:39 by Garry Owen