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Themed Slideshows

Once you have your event codes you can choose from a range of display templates..........even more fun! These range from seasonal themes through to bespoke templates that can include your business logo or personal message.
To find out more about bespoke templates, please contact us .

Art Gallery - Animated Theme
Merry Christmas - Animated Theme
City Scape - Animated Slider only

Event Code Packages

As well as single Event Codes ideal for individual parties, we also offer Event Code packages if you are a busy event organiser or agency. See the information below:-

Package Expiry Price (GBP)
1 Event Code
Limited Offer
7 Days £0.99
1 Event Code 7 Days £3.99
10 Event Codes 30 Days £29.99
30 Event Codes 90 Days £59.99

Each Event code is single use and will expire at the end of the event or at the end of the expiry period, whichever is sooner.

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Help and Support

The Oursmile user manual can be downloaded and viewed by clicking the button below:

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We're always here to help. Please contact us if you need any more assistance.